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Hello New Friends and M.A.P. (Mableton, Austell, & Powder Springs) Community!  My Name is Will and I have the honor to serve and care for our unique family at Refuge!  Our team is incredible and these few you are about to see represent a larger family that pitches in wherever needed in order to care for one another and serve our community.

As a re-plant (a rebirth of an existing church) we have what we call a Path Forward Team to govern the church  by functioning as elders would in other settings.  Our deacons are servants and make sure our family is cared for and feel connected and valued. Our directors make sure that we not only get the job done, but also do it with the right heart and attention to detail.  Welcome, and let me introduce you to some of our leaders and volunteers!

Pastor Will

our pastor & Leadership:
Will Gravely
Chris Roberts

Path Forward Team & Deacon Chair

Dave Moss

Path Forward Team & Deacon

Jeremy Griffin

Path Forward Team & Deacon

Louis Merrel

Path Forward Team

Steve Brawner

Path Forward Team

Edmund Coley

Deacon & Youth Director

John Lamb

Deacon & Building Team

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